Brandon rhyder - Back roads


The back roads of this county

Cross like the laces on my boots

And I?ve been running ?em down

Since I was able to

I left home at nineteen,

Swore I was never coming back

Nights like this I wish

That?s where I was at


Slow pokin? down a blacktop, cutting tires on the white rock

There?s a party on a dead end road

We?re just hoping that the cops don?t show

Somebody is looking for a fight

It?s gonna be that kind of night

When I get too far from home

I go find me a back road


I remember the summer, that I turned sixteen

I made out with a girl, in the back of her hatchback Chevrolet

And I drank my first beer, on the Louisiana state line

My first night to see the other side



I heard ?em tell me, son don?t forget where you came from

And I never have, and I still like to beat that drum

From the river bottoms, to the tall pine trees

It will forever be right here inside of me



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