Masterboy - And i need you

And I need you, here beside me
Wanna hold you, never let you go
I will love you, that's forever
In my heart,
Yes I know you
Know about you, know it better
Than anyone, I'll stay with you
Close as I can, to your soul
Rap 1
Came in to my life and you touched
My heart never had a struggle but
It's always been hard a relationship
Of souls, that's what we got time
After time this drove us apart I have
Been the leader, you made me a saint
You kicked me in the dirt, I drove
You insane we got divorced for
Several times but we always came
Back, we held the line a lot of things
In common we had a thousand times
We've been mislead so many times
We hit the point we had a lot of fun
We had a lot of join you are a fighter
So am I we're sensitive but not too shy
Battlefields we never left
Even if it meant that we'd have to cry
Rap 2
Time has come, you closed the door
You said that you don't wanna see me
No more I want you back than others do
Please open up your eyes it's all in you
There's nothing that you did, that can't
Be forgiven if love is strong enough,
It makes it worth livin'
Nothing is to sentence nothing is wrong
You can't do it right, you can get it done
Come on now, please listen to me
Open up your eyes, let yourself see
Open your brain and open your heart
Come back again, make a new start
Come on please don't leave me here
Don't blame others, share your tears
Call me anytime you want
Please do it now, don't say "don't"

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