The ghost inside - Southtown

Welcome to hard times
Back again like its never been for the first time
It seem to mess with my head
When I realize what it takes
Can I relate with whatever
But never will it drive me to hate
Could be the next guy that you take before I wake
Now I lay me down to sleep
Eyes tight when I pray this here is real life
Circumstances make you think should I be counting my blessings
The next second my eyes blink

Here in the southtown
You know that kids don't play
Put it down in the streets
Will I see another day if I make it back this time
Gots to hold what is mine
And thank god that I made it alive

One love it's easier said than done
Can I rise above anything that gets in my way
Like words you say you let your tongue get loose
And when push comes to shove I'm not used to walking away
I keep on looking up because these times are getting tough
Tomorrow's gone and it's the same o' song
Father fill my cup give me strength to power up
A life to shine your the diamond in this rough

It ain't gots to be like this
Don't want to throw up my fist
Don't want to be like this
Don't want to throw up my fist
I must resist
It ain't gots to be like this


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