Bart crow - Quarters

Well I got my quarters for the jukebox and your memories on my mind

There ain't no doubt that the fires all out Because I'm the only one sittin here crying

Barmaid won't you set me up with a round before you walk by

Let me hear that jukebox playin I'm so Lonesome I Could Cry

Well this time she really did it like a hundred times before

I never thought her words were true I heard the slamming of our door

So I intend to sit right here at least till I can't think

Its a lot better than sittin at home while I'm slowing going insane


Well I guess she went and did it well she pulled that plug on me

So I intend to knock em back, hey at least till I can't see

So bartender, don't forget about me when you walk by

And don't you pay attention to these tear drops in my eyes


Said let me here that jukebox playin I'm so Lonesome

I'm goin outta my mind

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