Bart crow - Rodeo gypsy

Rise in the morning shakin wits from your head

Cussin that morning sun as your crawling out of your bed

Knees in your back say its time for you to slow down

Its only what you've lived for and its all that you've ever known

Rollin down that highway ignoring all of your pain

Lyin flat in the dirt your just trying to find your way


Some call you a fool others call you a bum

Numbing all of your pain in your reach for your number one

Some call you crazy but to people that just don't know

Your living like the gypsy and your living for your rodeo

Flying down that highway you got to make it to your next show

Got the Allman Brothers band jamming on your radio

Running low on your money hell your running low on your gas

Hells a lot better than watching your dreams just ride on past

can't please the world man you cannot please them at all

'cause only in the saddle still its high and your riding tall


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