White dave - Let you know
Overige artiesten: Clif soulo Legendvry

Just threw 35 hundred! (Ooh ohh)

Drinks cold, burning indo', indo', what it do bro?
All my niggas in the cut tho
I'm running late had to get the door thought I let you know

Conscience turn down in the kisser
Seller turned disser
Don't really give a frizzle about your budget
No dicussions, homie I'm busy watching little mama bust it on me
See we bad in this bitch
(Bad in this bitch)

Come alive from the rich/rich atlantic
And a bent and the love make it flip with the maryjane
Rolling with me feet flowing
And she moving while the beat going
Think i see a cheek showing

She know what she doing
She know that I love it
Thats why she ain't stopping


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