Ms krazie - Chinga tu madre

Para qual quier puto
Hijo dela chingada
Ya sabes kien eres
Y esta es demi cama

I once thought I loved you
Can't believe that I did
Then you left went away
So I did what I did
I can't believe it when they told me that they seen you with somebody
Who's the bitch lemmie at her
So you called up every body
And told them what to say
'Cause I asked you for an alibi
What you think I'm stupid fool?
I'm not the one on your mind

Now look at me
What the fuck you tryna hide
I ain't about to waist ma time on a worthless homeoside
So Ima put you to the side
And forget about it all
But before you go away lemmie tell u what I saw
Saw you look up on your shoulder every time like your in town when you're round with that hoe
And the girls I seen around
Catch you on the rebound
Seen you walking with her
I don't know why you changed me for her that's a blur
Ugly ass piece of shit of a rat you're dealing with
But fuck it I don't care
I ain't the one dating it

No I don't give a fuck about you
And if I ever did
Vale verga my reaction
I went through hell and back with you
Separated from reality
Pues I don't think I can remember
What the fuck I saw en ti
No I don't give a fuck about you
And if I ever did
Vale verga my reaction
Went through hell and back with you
Separated from reality
But now im gone
Chinga tu madre guey no creo en ti

Now you happy with her
That's for limited time
When my phone rings up
And you shootin' on the line
Tellin' me que te perdone
Por aver me trisonado
Que me kieres que me extranas
Y que mucho me as llorado
Guardate tus pinche cuentos
I don't believe you
And maybe this time ill be the one to desive you
Fuckin perro desgraciado
Vete mucho ala chingada
Y gracias ati ora soy una malandera

Watch me picking up vatos
As they drop al malsueldo
Volviendo los addictos
Al dinero y al cemento
Alrancando con sus vidas
Como tu con la mia
Y yo tanto que te keria
Y tu no me meresias

But fuck it
Ya lo echo esta echo
And as is
Im playin vatos stab you straight in the pecho
Thats right you heard it
Straight from the mistres of latino rap
And ima always treat you bad
Like that you fuckin bitch ese


Ya no lloro por ti
Algun dia yo me di cuenta
Que con lagrimas de sangre acababa casi muerta
Ya mis manos
Maltratadas yenas de sicatrises
Admito fui una estupida
Al ver como me figues
Ya vendria ese dia en que yege ese amor
Un vato firme pelonsito
Que no me cause dolor
Busco un vato loco
Que conmigo se cobije
El que este aqui con migo
Cuando yo lo mesesite

Crusin in on a Sunday afternoon
With him
Until death do us apart
Ima be with him
Ain't no time wasted
When we'er in between the sheets
Packin clips between my tits
The closest lips
But until that day comes
Ima always be a rider
And still down for that clear white
Fog to take me higher
Y ya te dije my love
Was never your fucking toy
So if you have somethin' to say
Close your mouth home boy



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