Mr. shadow - Gold diggas

[Mr. Shadow]
All you money hungry bitches get nothing but dick
Better work somebody else because I ain't paying for shit
You got it twisted? hatchers plus numbers unlisted
Bitch you ain't tracking me down What'chu thinking?
You smoking with the way you think
Just because you got some ass and tits we're suppose to buy you things? Shit
Trick please I'm way beyond that
When you chill wit a G bring some drink and the chron sack
Now where my dogs at pimping these hoes?
Got bitches paying us for slipping out of they cloths? Anything goes
Young hoes married or not, ya'll love to swallow balls and ride the cock
They can't stop [nah] they love hoeing around
[Bitches] are like a new drug going around
It's all gravy [gravy] girl you can't blame me [hell nah]
You need to pay me bitch you need to pay me

[Hook: repeat 2X]
Gold Diggas
No Doubt
We got dick and bubble gum for yo mouth
Gold Diggas
What a shame
Take a fifth of your soul then we piss on your name

[Mr. Lil One]
Gold digging bitches always out to grab the lout
Grab my twenty-five pull at they mind and then I shoot
Execute they pride cause they all black inside
Just like my nigga young said fuck all the non-sense
Bitch best to kick rocks before I get my licks off
Talking about you want to fuck suck my fucking dick off
Drunk ass bitch good for nothing ass trick
Calling me at two in the morning when you're lit
Talking bout? bitch I'ma sleep
Playing with your pussy trying to deal with all the heat
Feel the moist in your ass feel the moist in your clique
The reason you loving the Lil, cause the Lil don't be giving a shit
Now your man got a problem every time my name comes up
He beat me up? I give that movie thumbs up
Give that man a Grammy for that role that he plays
I love it when she calls me daddy, Every time she lays


[Mr. Shadow]
I guess the shit in they heads be plugging up they ears
[Whys that?] Cause these hoes can't hear
Shadow's here? man of the year
Staying high as mutha fucka, now stand clear
All you queers ain't doing it right
Fuck ah bitch and that slutty ass demon inside
Open wide? you already know what your good for
Spread the word? tell your girls who you hoe for

[Mr. Lil One]
Bitch why you fronting like you fresh and you're clean
You be knowing what I mean when you unzip the jeans
Bitch your polluted what the fuck you trying to kill me?
Talking about baby bring it on you want to feel me?
I deal with the truth and the proof is your ass
I shoot you from the roof and I sent you to the past
Have a lovely after life hope you met a guy
Make a woman out of your ass? or he can try


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