Edan - Making planets

The true blue fade with the artificial calendar
I be the balance of the chancellor answer
The dance floor dominator flavor complicator
Accommodate a greater rate of data Fantasia
The soul of a giant; I'm bold and defiant
My science electrify the unplugged appliance
Shoot my television, walk outdoors and explore
With the innocence of kids age four
I frolic in the sand with a colony of ants
My particles expand building oxygen in plants
From Rakim to Caz, to Lakim Shabazz
I logically advance with the knowledge of the past
Motivate a giraffe, wrote a page-and-a-half
Known for paving a path in the waves with a staff
The music is rap, my favorite color is math
The plan of attack is bless a planet with wax
The caterer, the Darth Vader of the cross fader
You should never be afraid of the arm from all laborers
We stay patient as we lay the foundation
In a simple composition for the future generation

Let me introduce myself, as stealth
You seen nothing; you stepped into my realms and found suffering
Chaos is turned into seance and burned
Calculated versus estimated, spirituality earned
Worms leaking out your orifices sort of vicious
You picked the portal, which is filled with dwarves and witches
Get gauged from spell casts, hell's vast needles and torture racks
Torsos hatched, do you want all for that?
Pain, you can't explain landscapes of flame
Frames of inhospitables are crushed in the minerals
Your plans foiled after watching me plant soil
Your pants spoiled throttled and bottled as Penzoil
Fuel is my ruling, the seeds of my doing
Your deaths will be the pudding that the proof's in, I'm never coolin'
When God took a day off, I had him laid-off
All week, he wanted concrete to remain soft
Salem's Lot's my vacation spot
Often hoppin' out of coffins steady rockin' while you rottin'
Rollin' with a big gang of brothers with fangs
Megadope, use a telescope I'm peepin' my slang

Writers: Edan Portnoy

Lyrics © Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd.

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