Edan - The science of the two

Vocalist with an iron fist
On a path to bliss
Like a sorcerer I carefully conduct the orchestra
With the knowledge of a chemist I got the special formula
Lone warrior, solo vet, Boba Fett
Double up the dolo ???
Edan connect
With Insight
On my left
The science of the two is in effect

10, 9, 8
7, 6
Get live
4, get raw
We came
We saw
We rocked the set, bet
Double trouble
Though we both triple threats
Now that's three
We cut, produce, and emcee
That's true
You're fucking with a two man crew
We got a run
It's all about having fun
But the countdown
Ends at one
Fuck 'em, fuck 'em, f-fuck 'em, f-fuck 'em, fuck 'em, fuck 'em
The kids onstage is ill
They can't touch 'em
Put 'em on a grill 'till they properly done
Then eat 'em up one by one

Who's next
In five minutes, duplex
Twelve story brain
With a view of the projects
Spitting battle lyrics
Is a personal pasttime
We're bursting the wax plate
With versatile, vast rhymes
Some satellites
Transmit the best shit
Blast away the rest
The directionless
We be the cultural, sculpture the space and time molded
Assalamu alaikum
Pistol Pete
The one with the crystal teeth
Visibly spit a speech puzzle
You scream "Uncle!"
Knuckle up
Fuck around
Catch an uppercut
The apparatus
(Gets blessed by?)
The wax platter
Your shit shatter
To getting split (and splattered?)
I diss a rapper like it didn't matter
Disintegrate 'em, the combination of lethal lyricism and rhythm made it
My brain is swimming in a different matrix
We got paid when we stepped on stage
Plus I did it naked
Strong shoutout to those who didn't make it
To see the best of it
The planet is cold and desolate
I get affectionate
To the beat
Like a set of tits
My flow shows you
Which way
You're gonna take in a display
Facing this way
Is a typical mistake
So don't even try to fuck with the incredible two
Instead of putting lead in your crew, we're spreading the true facts
You didn't know that
You knew that
Pick up the new wax
React to the fact that it's on your
Record store racks
Support what you consider to be the elite
Instead of clocking the media hype
We meteorites
So media might control
To hype the show up
To blow up
Now let me hear you chant
Because we showed up

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