Edan - You suck

Laughter ceases after masterpieces slash your thesis
Questioning my passion is like asking Jesus if the crucifixion hurt
Flirting with ears, but choosing visions first
I stretch 'em out until they snap to prove that long division works
A strong incision bursts your bladder
Filthy rhyming prosecutor
Never-ending thirst for data
Salvaged from the lost computer
Immaculate, verses scatter
We tackle and toss a loser off a pedestal created by actions regrettable
Packing a vegetable for malnutrition
Rap-mutation, advocators, fact-debaters catch a bad one from a tractor-trailer
Even avid masturbators can't relate to my passion at mic clutch
Crashin' a nightclub, simply to spite fucks who came to dance
My brain is pants you herbs are legs
I earn while some prefer to beg I deal with ignorance
Therefore, to turn a head is difficult
Like being drunk while parallel-parking a car
Broken pieces of glass on your floor after I fart in a jar

"MC's you suck, that's without a doubt
Y'all don't know jack, no if's or maybe's"
"MC's you suck, that's without a doubt"
"MC's you suck, that's without a doubt"
"Now who's my first victim? Come get some of this"
"MC's you suck, you know how that go"
"Yo, this is a fact, handing my beat over"

I got the bald-headed crown with a dope swirl
Hot enough to make a nymphomaniac's toes curl
Lounge with showgirls in the uncharted lands of the West Pacific islands
Hypnotized by horizons
Evil mistress, black widow of the brimstone
Skeletons in every closet, close to the window
Rose petals, French Dutchess, with gold medals
On the coldest meadow follows the ghost that goes (oh)
And when I was young my moms thought I had a disturbance
Cause she always found me under the cabinet drinking detergent
Murderous Copernicus, Prometheus inserted it
The way I worded it left 'em tumbling through the turbulence
I got a nasty dropkick, catch flies with chopsticks
Kidnap your siblings then take them for hostage
Your girl's not a chicken head she's more like an ostrich
Smells like armpit, foot and ass, and dog shit

"MC's you suck, that's without a doubt
Y'all don't know jack, no if or maybe's"
"MC's you suck, that's without a doubt"
"You sucka MC's, you don't enjoy rapping"
"MC's you suck, that's without a doubt"
"Give you a chance, to say your petty rhymes"
"MC's you suck, you know how that go"
"I wish you'd hurry up cause you're wasting my time"

Laughter happens after master craftsmen practice smashing clowns
I pass your rapping class and snatch the cap and gown
I slap a noun and catch a verb while running laps around
The pachyderm who hasn't learned the basic laws of planet Earth
I take your jaw and smash it through the simple principles of amateur elimination
Pattern your alliteration after mine?
Mastermind my pattern writing
Vocalize the battle writing
Localize the folks who try to socialize for ladder-climbing
NPC, degrees, and pattern sine and sequence quantization
Concentration might alleviate your frequent contemplation
Constant patience, do you know how badly that I want a spaceship?
Modulation causes placement of assailance on surveillance
Wander aimlessly amongst a mass of slavery
Until a brave MC (through bravery)
Decides to call his name to me, it's all in vein you see
When I decapitate his brain and season it for morning breakfast
While listening to Death mix

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