Edan - Ultra '88 (tribute)

This one goes out to you
Out to Ced
Out to Moe
Out to Trev
Out to lunch
Back from brunch
Captain Crunch
A lovely bowl of cereal
Just got jooked by the Grand Imperial
Hop on stage, you got stuck in a battle stance
Your brain's a pebble, fool, say hi to the avalanche
Droppin' a rock on your lyrical dashboard
You're poppin' that weak shit and pushing the crash forward
No class, quarter pounder, some cheese
Twenty piece chicken nuggets and a thousand MCs
I eat all of them, guzzle quarts of gasoline
You're wearing a skirt, jerking off with the vaseline
Cuttin' the coupon, you're reading the funny papers
Step to the club, see my face on the elevator
Go to the kitchen, I'm hiding in your refrigerator
Bombing your brain, and cold step on the detonator
A bird with a mustache, two-headed alligator
Beautiful donkeys and a dog with no eyes
Grabbing the mic, stage covered in fruit flies
You're rockin' the Lee suit, thinkin' your nice
You're buggin' out, money: wearing boots in the summertime
Try to retaliate by kicking a dumber rhyme
You're thinking your smart, so your brain is no fraud
Playing the wall, driving by the Mickey Mouse
Kid named Reginald, already the bigger herb
You got vocabulary? Step up, pick a word
I'm taking you out, and your homeboy Anton
Sit in my classroom and fill out a ScanTron
Hey you in the back, what's five divided by thirteen?
You don't know? Shut up!

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