Chip - Dickhead

So basically, I'm a wasteman
But you're here because my career
This nigga confused, that doesn't make no sense, but anyway

Right now, I'm the boy in the corner
Come on then, try me, dickhead
Chipmunk can't run out of bars
No, I'm not Tinie, dickhead
You thought I ain't got heart 'cause I don't talk crud
But I'm not a dickhead
But you can't take crud to niggas on crud
And that's how I know you're a dickhead
You don't like me 'cah the truth hurts
And it always comes right behind
You spoke to Fekky, you spoke to Wretch
You've been reaching out on the sly
You wanna lie for the kids on YouTube
You can't play with my mind
Look, I'll turn you into lamb neck soup
Can't pull wool over my eyes
Shut up, you dickhead, you dickhead
Came to my ends like a dickhead
Didn't come back, dickhead
Hat-trick's for dickhead, Patrick's a dickhead
Chipmunk's a sickhead
Whoa, about numbers sold
No, you ain't got a million sold
Struggling to pay rent, are you on crack?
Dickhead, I own my home
Tweet tweet, get at me
Velour tracky, gladly
Velour tracky, swaggy
I would send you one
But no, you make the ting look trampy
Right now, I've got a couple Beyblade songs
Light work spin a man, I get my Beyblade on
Five months, yeah manaman took too long
Five hours, let it bang, another tune gone (boom)
Fake MCs, these fake MCs
Nah trust me, I can't stand them
Next year, I might squash it with the MOBOs
This year, trust me, fuck you and them
I ain't playing, it's that time
If you win, I'll smash mine
On camera, it's that time, I don't give a fuck time
I'll turn it up time, you man are lunchtime
You can't keep up with the pace
So shut up and don't come back (dickhead!)
Fam, you never made me cut my hair
Fuck it, I'm growing it back (dickhead!)
Relegation, mmm, nah, I'm at your neck (dickhead!)
Just like I, just like I said (dickhead!)
Just like I, just like I said

Oi, my man's done out, done out
He didn't come back, he got run out
No more, never again, I swear down, dead

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