Homeboy sandman - Keep it real

Knock knock, who's there? Salvador Sand
A lot of flows but I don't know them all off hand
My pot of gold do not have no leprechaun guard
I'm not alone, you might as well leapt upon god
My ball of wax is made of wax so it change shapes
My seat at mass is made of mass so it change states
What always lasts it's always mass so it takes space
And always has whatever hazard that takes place
When roads fork
I take a sec and think of roads that I done walked
Then pick a way, im not afraid
Where I'll end at, I stay in shape
It it don't work I'll just walk back
Every month I roam, can't stick to one pad
And everything I own all fits in one bag
I keep warm without withdrawing at no bank
And go on and on without drawing no blanks

Can't always be what you see
It's hard to believe but it's not true that
Everybody's trying to keep it real

Wait who's that, it's Mike Ziggy with a riddle
Catch you like biggie in the middle
I never claimed real spit then bring a little dribble
Or say I pulled more strings than Diddy with a fiddle
The cap sputin' and rap smooth
Been a deadly mix between bat spootin' and rap sputin'
It's a shame how hip hop has become a playground
Full of black students who wack truer that lack schoolin'
Now everybody and their mum is tryna be the man
With mannerisms of a peter pan
And yo the same gang who swore they're not on the band
Wagon watching other cats and following that fashion
To the middle of the field where they usually so corn
Cultivated break down and use it in most forms
Not here to make sure that pollution is no mores
Like sheeps clothing and tootin his own horn like

Can't always be what you see
It's hard to believe but it's not true that
Everybody's trying to keep it real

Lord of the flies the mighty just caught
The 4 or the 5
My fort is fortified
I benefit from mixed fire and ice
That's all brink and morter of the mind
Could probably turn water to wine
I represent to get more out of life
It gives me something to do but all noons mornings and nights
My powers been fully bestowed
So im staying put standing in barefoot in the snow (ah)
Wild side is where I reside
You gon have something to say, either way I decide
So why hit pay dirt and take in the sights
And if it ain't major I'm lettin it slide
Mash up prayers and hopes
Broke so long I prefer layers to coats
And I'm not scared so I get stares and jokes
But ill be upstairs way before mayors and popes

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