Sugizo - Beauty

This is not right
What is this trap
A place I don't know Obedient
Why should I be?
Well,Freedom is my right
But reality pulls me down
How does liberty taste?
The small of freedom
like a dream long long gone
I can't shake it free
Becomes a part of me

Where have you gone?
I'm lost in the dark
Swamp of a heart
don't drag me down
infectious me,
infectious me......
I am contamination contained
If I dive what will I be?
Can I fly light as white
Can I crash dead as red
I wonder?
No way can this be beauty
No way can this be beauty
Salvation beauty.....
Universal beauty.....
Salvation beauty.....
Universal beauty.....
If you think it's a joke
and I'm a sucker.......!
Well,die you are fucker!
This is not light
The truth is not there.....
It must be....
I'm losing out on waht is there
What am I afraid of?
Where is my truth-self?
I want to open my heart,
break my chains
Where is my true-self?
I destroy my darkside
to see my dawn

Salvation beauty.....
Universal beauty.....
From upon high,I can fly away
The ash of salvation
What do you see?
another side to this answer
Past my destiny, I look beyond
No way?

Writers: SUGIZO

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