K-rino - Step into the mind

Step into the mind of the mystical 1
da futuristic lyricist kills the white plan
beat down the prejudice take back the land
burn down the white house raise the black hand

[Verse One]
You under estimate K 'cause you feel certain
now you hurting for going head up with the steel curtain
flirting wit death
run your game I'll kill it
couldn't burn me if we battled on a stove in a fucking skillet
pass the broom I'll act as a janitor
sweeping remains from Southpark to Canada
weigh 'em up
grab the Black Book and sley 'em up
fastbreak bounce pass his ass and lay 'em up
hard as steel mc's prepare for the hollow kill
then place my face on a 400 dollar bill
mc's bug me
they mentally drug me
as a child all I needed was somebody 2 hug me
first I'll meditate
then release a karate shout
mentally lock doors
nobody in nobody out
back in school I was known as a creeper
graduated with the shadow of death and the grim reaper
suckers never wake up
they try to kiss and make up
but I don't shake up
I'll take my fist and break up
and then crack is all that's left 4 me 2 do
You came to get this ass whooping that was so sweet of you
beat a crew 2 death take you deep in the tunnel and buck
if you were smart you would make like Donald and duck
'cause if you don't I'ma leave you sharper than peward
i'm like a killa leopard mixed wit a german shepherd
silent torture but still the unknown here it
I had a seance and summoned my own spirit
K-Rino the mercenary millotical wiz
You got 1 second 2 pass a 3 hour quiz
a) is guns b) is gas c) is knife drilling
pick a death 'cause it's a multiple choice killing
with my thoughts K-Rino can deliver a nation
inside my brain lives a whole nother civilization

(step into the man) 4x's


[Verse Two]
When war time starts I'll go where the guns go
death left ya family mourning like Alonzo
no hope to pass when the scholar is testing you
all hail the mercenary mystical messenger
some doubt the skill knowing danger lies other hope
da ass whoopings in the mail sealed in an envelope
died in the past but ressurected in '70
from earth clouds to space now i'm mentally heavenly
I speak in this illusion though my image decieving you
You told the world you saw me but nobody's believing you
killed me many times but I'll win if I want you
i'm 2 spirits deep
meaning the ghost of my ghost will haunt you
I think at light speed while some rappers minds are slow
eye 2 eye contact permantly blinds my foe
no foundation 'cause your style is baseless
lyrical slaps left the competition faceless
taste this furious style so serious
that I left, seven klan members on they periods
still kinectical verses virtually edible incredible
watch me wreck the country in alphabetical order
front page has the prejudice nation repenting
ABC means that Africa's Bombing Clinton
life is over if I hear your a klan backer
DEF means Destroy Every Fake ass cracker
Praise Allah as I grace the Islamic Nation
GHI means that God Has Inspiration
when it's war time don't start folding up
JKL means Just Keep Loading up
dissing me is a foolish I wouldn't condone it
MNO means 2 Master the Next Opponent
watch the media mutilate all of our leaders
PQR means Prejudice Question Readers
God is wind snow rain and the thunder maker
STU means that Satan's The Undertaker
thoughts of pain give the planet a quick decision
VWX Visualize World X-ray vision
YZ means You'll Zoom til your mind rattles
last trick 2 diss died 2 years before the battle
heat'll freeze in my click while cold will scorch you
battling me is like ten thousand years of torture

[Chorus] - 2X

(step into the man) 7x's

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