Celtic Woman Hayley Westenra Chloe Agnew Lisa Kelly Méav Órla Fallon Máiréad Nesbitt - The Sky and the Dawn and the Sun

High is the moon tonight...
Hidingits guiding light,

Heaven and earth do sleep,
Still in the dark so deep,
I will the darkness sweep...

I will the moon to flight,
I will the heavens bright,
I will the earth delight...

Open your eyes with me,
See paradise with me,
Awake and arise with me...

I am the Dawn; I'm the new day begun;
I bring you the morning; I bring you the sun;
I hold back the night and I open the skies;
I give light to the world; I give sight to your eyes;
From the first of all time, until Time is undone,
Forever and ever and ever and ever,
And I am the Dawn and the Sky and the Sun -
I am one with the One... and I am -
The Dawn

I am the Sky and the Dawn and the Sun,
I am the Sky and the New Day begun,
I am the Sky and the Dawn and the Sun

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