Mr. shadow - Can't be a player (if you a hater)

[Mr. Shadow]
Well I'm kicking up dust cause ya know it's a must
Mr. Shadow the don bring it on if you want
Full of funk like the five minutes, And I forget
With this pain I inflict I be sick, The Mayhem Cliq
Coming threw with ain't no stopping us cause everyone knows
I bring more drama then the phatom of the opera
I'm the one that's dropping bomb hits
From the North to the South from to the East to the West
I'm put on arrest I'm the best cause there ain't no competition
I am the captin of this ship and this is my mission
Dissing anyone trying to act a fool
Cause I came to see ya dance and I came to make you move
You can do what you want, baby flaunt whatcha got
And by now you should know you don't stop til you drop
I got the ecstacy the henessie the bottles of the Pairone
I bring my boys you bring you girls, and we can get it on
Til tomorrow and the next day,
that's how we do it in the 6 suido gesta

Chorus (2x)
You can't be a playa if you want to be a hata
And you can't be a hata if you want to be a playa
Listen to what I be dropping Shadow and stoppin
Til I lay in the coffen [repeat]

[Mr. Shadow]
Drinking wild Russians I can feel rushin
Gently taking it to the dome got me dizzy
Tipsy, this be my status, I'm glad it's
Me and my dawgs from the town of the baddest,
The night isn't over until I say it's over
Hour after hour more hits coming over
I toldcha that it ain't stopping,
Hit man in the back with the bottle of the crystal poppin
Open, I'm hopin that Tommy come through with another case of liqour
Cause there's never to much brew fool, I thought you knew
That we party all day all night, drinking fresh stocked wine
Feeling fine, I ready for another, when my vision's getting blurry
I see an open bottle so I get one in a hurry
I'm already seeing double so doubles what I'm drinking
Slowly how I'm thinking, blitz is how I'm feeling

Chorus 1

[Mr. Shadow]
It's 4 in the morning and the party still bumpin
Everybodys drunk even viscious man Funk,
Got the cup full of liquid, got my mind flippin
Just, like a coin so you fools get my point
Like an arrow, and everybody knowin
That's how I be flowin, sptting more rhymes
Then a poet, even though I'm dazzed
And I'm still droppin phrases,
Got cases of imported brew in the place being tasted
I'm wasted, everybodys dancin, and askin
Why do I do this, cause everyone wants this
Rockin the mic all night, cause it's me and my dawgs til I die
Every day it's the same, drinkin and feeling the proof on my brain
I remain how I came cause you poeple yellin my name
Drunk like a bum, Mayhem Cliq who we are
It's a night to remember, at Chalomar


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