Mick jenkins - Freenation rebels

Free, free, free
Free, free, free
Free nation rebels
Free nation rebels

Ay, free 'cause I don't do this for no dollar
But they know that I get paid though
And I put interest on the peso
Business manager on speed dial, that nigga do my say-so
My tithes faithful
The pride come before the fall, I ain't tripped in a while
Developed the gab, already gifted with guile
I found the key, I'm on a kite, I get these Benjamins now
A flash of light and niggas interested now
The fans, they fuck with me like they can't see how dark my pigment is now
A bunch of white boys tripping out, screaming "nigga" at me
They trigger happy
My figures happy, the venue happy, the show is sold out
They lining up and load in
I give them less of what they want and more what they need
My mama used to think that it was only weed I rapped about
I capped a lot at first, but that didn't last too long
No, that didn't last two songs before I folded like futons
I'm on my croutons, I'm on my Groupons
Like shoutout, say money with no coupons
I brought the coupe out
I brought the tree, I brought the truth out
I brought the waters, I brought the love and niggas had me tuned out
Trump brought the coons out
I had to pull that silver spoon out
The moon out
I'm with the wolves, I can't pull my wool out
Black sheep, I've been on my TLC
Niggas jock so I creep
I'll come and tuck you in if you sleep

We some free nation rebels
Free nation rebels

Tasted the free, now she want some more
We was out in front of the corner store
On some '09 shit, they was blowing dro
Don't act like you don't know
We some free nation rebels
Free nation rebels

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