Roger creager - Having fun all wrong

Well I guess you were right

The bluebonnets are worth the drive and

Now I'm here in canyon lake alone

I know you came here

When you were down and feeling blue

And it helped you sort out the pieces on your own

But I'm seeing what you saw. the spring time is beautiful and

I'm proud to call this country home. but I am missing you

As the sun is setting on me I think I'll crank up my pick-you p for san anton'


There ain't enough dance halls in texas to keep my heart and mind occupied

I'm trying it all the time yeah I'm out there every night

My truck has seen some miles to find the words to write this song

To get me back on top where I belong. but I'm not over you yet

I must be having fun all wrong

That river run was a whole lot of fun especially when you're with the ones that

Bring you so much laughter and good times

But that river it ran so low

That only means you go real slow and you take the time to enjoy the finer things in life

So we showered and shaved in a bathroom stall in a texaco on the way to gruene hall

It was a sold out concert for one of my heroes that night. hey I guess I'm alright

I'm just a little bit tired tonight. getting over you has made a busy man of me


Oh I've seen jerry jeff umpteen times this year

He just keeps getting better everyday. I followed robert ear keen

From dallas to the sparkling city by the sea I jumped up on the sea wall and sang corpus christi bay


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