Crazy - Us killin us

[Chorus: x2]
Tell me, who can I trust
In a world, where it's us killing us
Dear God, I know I've been blessed
But it's hard, living life full of stress

Please tell me is the President, a anti-Christ
Soon as he get elected, then the terrorists strikes
Like my dogs in the Penn, I'm just bout my time
Put the world on the front line, to face Sadaam
Every word spoke with caution, every thought with ease
They don't look like the ones, that hung us from trees
I see rose, without roots
Through the blood of your ancestors, speak the truth
Do you love us even more, when we pull the trigga
Behind my back, do you teach your kids to scream niggaz
Is the drugs and the AIDS, the way to take us out
Up in Africa, babies foaming from the mouth
What happened to my greats, blacks hate each other
For a bag of the dope, he'd prolly kill his mother
Ain't nowhere that you can turn, when this world ends
Dear God, please forgive my people for they sins tell me now

[Chorus: x2]

See we know who put the drugs here, but we don't care
The same rotten motherfuckers, trying to stop welfare
Some of us don't need it, but most of us do
I know who's a enemy, and y'all do too
They put the guns on the streets, so I can kill ya dog
Open your eyes homie, won't you see through the fog
I wish Malcolm and Martin, was alive today
So they could take a good look, at the USA
And the FEDs, turning solid motherfuckers to rats
We done lost all hope, and we can't get it back
Dear God if I die, it's with dignity
Please forgive us for the hate, that they instilled in the
Tell me who can we trust, 'cause we all we got
Your whole life could be ended, with just one shot

Damn, he gone


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