Tony yayo - It's on

Uh, yeah doe, I liked the way you flipped this one doe
Yea, doe Pesci on the boards
Public enemies

Picture me rollin' I came real far dog
My sprinklers coming out the ground like a ground hog
Yeah, the yard moach and the pool shop
That's big boy talk, my landscape a guap
Taking fancy trips, fly to Amsterdam
Just to mix the K up with the Afghan
Yeah, I'm half man, yeah, I'm half amazing
Bitch nigga laid up 'cause a nigga greatin'

A lot o' niggas coming home from that fedalaws
They violate, cause jail is a revolving door
I see the steps with no staircase
And keep my head above water always keep the fate
And always fuck the Jake I ball like Jordan junior
Watch them haters, 'cause them haters out there wanna ruin ya
I turn champagne to shampoo
Waves rozay so them haters start to damn screw
But I mean mug it back, nigga
Flashback when I use to take packs, nigga
But I'm a big boss now, drug cash cow
Harry Winston 'bout sixty thou'
No lying, she flying, nigga dyin' when I hit 'em with the motherfucking iron

Shout out to Pablo Escobar, son, I heard he in Miami
You know, rest in peace to Farrat Fox
Michael Jackson
Shout to Johnny Depp Public Enemies
He's the one that motivated me to do this tape
Movie's number one now
Shout to 50, blue what up
Niggas know what it is man


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