Tony yayo - Welcome to the jungle

Don't get murdered on the humble
Welcome to the jungle, nigga
New York City
It's the talk of New York, Tony Yayo
I'm gettin' back on the spaz shit

Niggas all in my face asking me for some money
When I say no, no, no no
They be like, "he acting funny"
You wanna rain on my parade
But cloudy are turning sunny
You only heard in the hood, and that's not good
I'm heard across the country

Nigga land on the helipad, rims on the new Jag'
Lil' nigga, stop, you got holes in your du-rag
I'm gettin' brick money just to walk through the club
Why your face screwed up? You tryna walk like a thug
I'm in that five-thirty I-X B-M wagon
Oral sex through my sweats now you're B-M braggin'
My A-N-T saggin' they cost two-thirty
When I ride through the P's the V is two-thirty
My wrist is too clean, my hat to the side
My strap in my ride, I don't swallow my pride
There's wolves in the jungle, there's sheep in the jungle
The price of a life is real cheap in the jungle

The world's ready for my wide range discussion
Terror 5 can't hide time for the touchin'
I'm all about stuntin', I'm all about frontin'
I can blow fifty grand, my man, it ain't nothin'
When I run up on ya' car, what ya gonna do?
I got body parts in the crib like Saw 2
Before you see me, I saw you
This is usual, I got the dance drop on you
I'll get you lined up, O-G your time's up
Big bully money get you dummies tied up
You sweet like a buttercup, tryna act tough
You know you ain't gutter boy you ain't gon' bust

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