Juice WRLD - No Hook

One take, one take gang
One take, one take gang
One take, one take gang
One take, one take gang
Hey, 999
One take one take gang (Heard you fucked my mans on the low, ho)
Ya dig?

Heard you fucked my mans on the low, ho
For some tickets to my Chicago show, ho
I've been balling on these hoes, feel like Michael (swish)
Baby keep that on the low though (on the low, the low, the low)
Bands on me got more dope (cash)
I'm a dragon, boy you a Komodo (you know what i mean)
Pose, life's a photo
Pull up on the scene with my bros (gang)
Runnin' through the Six like my woes, Drake (head)
Pockets fat, look like Ricky Rosay (head)
Money on deck baby, okay (rich)
I ain't savin' hoes baby, no way (bitch)
90 on the e-way, 500k for my car so it's not the freeway (skrrt, skrrt)
I remember scamming Bathing Ape on Ebay (I was broke)
Now I'm finna go to Bathing Ape with 10k
I don't even like that shit no more, It's all about Murakami (yeah)
I say that shit right, it's not Murakami, baby girl you should find it, so
I've been ballin' super hard baby, I'm a ballaholic
Slash alcoholic, slash percaholic, slash Percules
Pray to God these drugs ain't hurtin' me (hey man)
Gun on my hip so I'm not worried (hey man)
I got a .30, would it be cliche for me to say Stephen Curry, ya dig?
Keep on vibin', listenin' to Twenty-one Pilots (baow)
Not they new shit, they old shit, that cold shit (dig)
I've been ballin' like Sosa, you know this (tryna party)
Get money everyday (cash)
Lady Gaga with that choppa, it got a poker face (pew pew pew)
Fuck your bitch, I poke her face (bitch)
Bust on her face, you know that shit disgrace (uh)

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