Califa thugs - Why must life be this way

[Chorus: Mr. Sancho]
Why must life have to be this way
Sometimes I want to lie
Sometimes I want to cry
Sometimes I want to die
Please lord take my life

[Verse 1 - Mr. Sancho]
Today's a sad day, the games villains play
These innocent victims fade
Why must life be this way
The government's trying to stop the violence
And now we sit here in a moment of si-ya-lence
Schemin' war, even the score for they to mourn
Retalitions a must, just wait to see what's in store guerra part three
It's almost certain that'll end up in the tierra you'll see
And they'll be catastrophies thousands
Fatalities mountians of dead bodies countin'
Under degree, oh lord, what am I to do
These fools with additudes
Like it's they had something to prove
We didn't chose to be the victims
But we chose to be the villians
2 wrongs don't make it right
Is it right, to continue to fight
Now would you ride and cry?
Or would you ride and die?
And avenge all the souls heading to the sky

[Chorus 2x]

[Verse 2 - Silencer]
Just another day...waking up, I see the news
My homey just died, he wasn't even twenty-two
And all because, because somebody blasted
Because of that it's time to send a casket
How could this be...I guess you went the wrong direction
In this life you need to know there's no perfection
So pay attention, you need to watch what you do
Cause the next step you take, might be your doom
I close my eyes and think about it everyday
That the crazy wickedness would just go away
I feel insane...I feel the pain
I say to myself "things will never be the same"
Tell me why? please? It has to be like this
To everyone that pasted in peace
Everyday I reminice to the one I'm gonna miss
No matter what they all say, to me you always will exist

[Chorus 2x]

[Verse 3 - Mr. Sancho]
It's hard, sometimes I want to kill myself
But I found the strength in me to just fulfill myself
I done came up from thee underground
All of these haters tried holding me down
But I found me, you be taking
Shaking that asses, your mistake me
You better be there for what your bet on
Cause in this dirty game
It's a shame what you forget holmes
Finding a reason to live
Possibly be married, with kids
Getting into the show biz
So that one day I'll be able to hear shit

[Mr. Sancho "La La"ing to the beat 'till the end]

[Mr. Sancho speaking]
This song is dedicated to all the people that passed away on 9/11
Rest In Peace...I know it's been a while, but we'll never forget
And to the troops out there fighting the war...take care and god bless

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