Mr. sancho - Sancho's dedication

[Chorus: Mr. Sancho]
This is Sancho's Dedication to you ladies uh
To single mothers all alone raisin' babies uh
To all the woman in the club who be shaking they butt's
Don't be ashamed baby girl cause you livin' it up

[Verse 1]
I...dedicate this to you ladies
Maybe baby daddy acting shady
But you never know
What your future's got in store
And if you feel my flow
I'm half away and feeling low
Fo' sho, I know that's
When it comes to interest
You feel like nobody else loves you
All your looking for is happiness
Nevertheless, you must address
Girl, think about your little one's
And put your heart to the test
Love is blind...but chillin' when things run wild
Then you'll find...the birth of an unwanted child
Just unwind...with a little bump n grind
And then you'll find...for who you want in your life

[Chorus 2x]

[Verse 2]
He never loved you from the start
You feel it deep in your heart
Shed tears for these years that you spent in the dark
No regrets, forget about the drama
And the threats cause your blessed
And now your mama answer and to them you'll always be the best
So what you gonna do
Are you gonna make your children proud
Or are you gonna make them frown on you
But you can make it through
You just need to got out, socialize
And let nobody to round on you
And to the mamas they can't help themselves
Just found out they baby daddy locked away in jail
Like my momma, I gave her all this drama
Now I feel the karma
My dad comes trippin' slangin' pounds of marijuana
want to, but I, I gotta help myself
Rather be out makin' a livin' then away in jail
But can't you tell, this young thug prevails
To a successful rap singer with some stories to sell, uh

[Chorus 2x]

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