Papoose - Underrated

I don't write rhymes, I write prescriptions 'cause these niggas sickenin'
My wife is religious, her Louboutins are Christian (Damn)
I put so many holes in you when I bag out the Smith and
Wesson, when the wind blow my nigga, you gon' be whistlin' (Pow)
I got so much stamina, man, I could go the distance
I get so busy out in the street, I need an assistant
Accredit that to God 'cause he taught me to be persistent
Consistent, relentless, overcome the resistance (What?)
Was on Canal Street when cassettes was still in business (Yeah)
I came from the root of canal without a dentist
I leave you pussies bleedin' until your cycle has ended
A period is not only at the end of a sentence
(Damn!) The fifth down in my waistband
The kick back injured my arm, I need an ace band
Man, I'm on that P. Diddy shit, make bands
My watch bright you need Ray Bans
Everybody want a sex doll, what is your mental state? Damn
You want a fake woman 'cause you a fake man
This what New York sound like, verse wack but your hook tight?
Look in my eyes, this is what New York look like
Lames all up in the videos, Suge Knight
Lullaby one of you mumble rappers, good night
You wear a lot of name brand clothes but they don't look right
You ain't fly enough to sit on this overbooked flight

My music fallin' on deaf ears
Does anybody hear me?
My music fallin' on deaf ears
Is anybody up there?
Do y'all niggas hear me?
Does anybody hear me?
My music fallin' on deaf ears

I ain't never been afraid, forever gettin' paid
Comin' with a vendetta, Berettas gettin' sprayed (Boom)
Represent the good fellas and clever renegades
Have 'em jump up out of them Jettas and wet 'em with the gauge
I be headin' to the stage (What?), steppin' in my J's
I intend to behead 'em and shred 'em with the blade (Yeah)
My endeavors are clever, intelligent and brave
I could disconnect 'em and dead 'em, I set him in his grave
Dead presidents get made while my record gettin' played
A veteran who aged way better than them lames
Invented in my brain and indented on the page
My invention can amaze you irrelevant and vague
Disrespected, arrested, I'm fed up with a rage
Even slept up in the cage but I never been a slave
Rock a bezel that's engraved with the letters of my name
Resemblin' the chain, it's a symbol of the pain (What?)
Now our levels ain't the same, if it ever gets appraised
I'll accept the biggest wage and you just the biggest lame
I done boxed in the snow (Snow), wrestled in the rain (Rain)
Bitten by the jaws of the devil with his fangs (Ahh)
Grabbed the handrail, man, I tell you it's a shame
Almost knocked to the floor by the tremble of the train

Writers: Shamele Mackie

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