Mobb deep - Favorite rapper

Yeah.. yeah.. aight? Motherfuckers!
Bitch-ass niggaz, faggots
Come through nigga... YO!

I creep on the tippy-toe, surprisin' the enemy
And ain't nobody safe unless you bulletproof everything
Clappin at your baby, includin' your entourage
Don't be 'fraid of these slugs, they get you closer to God

I'm a homegrown terror, my pops planted the seed
When I wild, don't be mad at me, should blame him
War with us? The start of your end
Beef with these faggot-ass rappers started the trend

P? That's my grimy for life, don't fuck with him
And if word get back to me, I'm buckin' you
Know it's on me hammers stuck to the hand just like glue
Like them O.G.'s smokin' them trees of bamboo

Shorty thought she knew me so I had to check her
I'm a Gemini bitch, that mean I flip with the weather
I don't know how you talk to them other cats, but I ain't them
(Nah!) Put it in your mouth girlfriend

[Chorus: x2]
[H] Clap your favorite rapper, gives a FUCK
Gimme a minute I'll crack that ass, what's up?
[P] It's like drugs cause we gettin' it back, get it back
like ki's how we get it back, it's a cash explosion

Yeah that's right, that's right, that's right
Know we done struck a jackpot Dunn, it's a wrap from now on
Just keep servin' these niggaz portions of that raw
And sit back and countin' this cash, we gettin' off

Knick-knack, paddy-wack, give a dawg more
I won't stop 'til I can match my car with my clothes
And everyday of the week, I'm switchin' up flows
Spend every'day with my peeps, half in the vultures

Peace to Uncle Imeek, he holdin' down the corporates
... Eatin' like a Boss Hogg
Clik-clik-BAOW! Don't have me shootin' my gun at y'all
Don't have me cuttin' niggas down like the sniper

You had me kill something, I'm tryin' peel bundles
of that scratch, the thou's to the mills
Paper that our next generation goin' feel
You niggas gettin' your money? Yeah do that for real
'Cause niggas fuck with our money, we set it like the Bush family



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