T.I.S.M. - Whatareya

You're a yob or you're a wanker
Take your fucking choice
So who is your favourite genius
James Hird or James Joyce?

You ever seen a live performance?
Join the wanker club
You thought I meant table top dancing?
You're a yobbo, bub

What are ya? Yob or wanker?
Wankers once used mobile phones
But now that's sorta changing
And yobs once lived in cottage homes

Ain't social change amazing?
If a yob and wanker want a girl
The wanker guy will get her
Both of them are equally ugly

But the wanker hides it better
What are ya? Yob or wanker?
A wanker fights inequality
And for people's rights;

A wanker fights class prejudice
A yobbo just fights
Yob or wanker, wanker or yob
Pass me the brush to tar ya

Make your choice then live your life
Come on pal, what are ya?

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