Dave hause - Omg

You said here we go again
But doesn't it seem like it's gotten worse?
The taxi's headed for the hills
My uber driver came in a hearse
The ivory tower happy hour just let out
We all got a taste
But It's easy to get home
When you're born and raised on 3rd base
We said we were bored with the same old same
Now we're all drunk driving sending texts from the center lane
Singing whoa whoa whoa pass the ammunition
Give me one for the money and one for tradition
My American girl and I watching the world burn down
If this is how it ends
Can I at least get some money back?
We're at 1000 miles an hour on a train running out of track
This is paradise for lizards, locusts and snakes
At what point does the giving give out if we're all on the take?
Oh my god you must be kidding me
Bored with the same old same

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