Dave hause - Bearing down

I've been considering oblivion tonight
I'll squeeze the last few drops of the bruised dark fruit
And pretend that I just might
Might get the viking funeral
Might OD on the lawn
Might end up immortal like an old soul song
It's bearing down
Hunter Thomson was right it's bearing down
Robin Williams was right it's bearing down
It always seemed kinda comical just to go
When the crumbs of youthful pleasures go stale and give way to the undertow
Thought the Golden Gate would be beautiful
Hate the height, but it's a helluva view
Swan dive leave it all behind
But now there's you
It's bearing down
I can't leave you here alone with it bearing down
I see you shining in the sun again and I know
For the first time in forever I'm certain I can't go
You're the one I want to wither with
I want to see you when you're old
And be the one to keep you warm when the world turns cold
It's bearing down
Hallelujah we're alive and it's bearing down

Writers: Dave Hause

Lyrics © Wixen Music Publishing

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