I am spoonbender - Remover-installer

remove aller. mountain faller. remove aller. uni-caller.

3 dimensions just aren't enough! remove aller concave mauler.
chemical accelerator. remove aller. e.q. taller.

bleed retention, re-tooth a cut going to be tanned fantasy
hem gonna meet a filter - flam wanna see a better bean
can she kenta? hand gotta find a wider means. oh sheeny wah! so betta!

but: good intentions = lust outta cuff remove aller mountain faller
ventrical a-garburetor remove aller uni-caller
dream prevention, bathing in rust remove aller re-ring baller
technical de-celerator remove aller flad installer
3 dimensions just aren't enough! remove aller dental staller
chemical accelerator remove aller! flad installer!

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