Roger creager - The day you went away

Roger Creager

A crowded restaurant and here you are
I'm doing fine but you have come so far
I ask how long it's been
Like I don't know
I've been counting the days since you've been gone

You'd think my love would show
But I hear you're doing great out on your own
You're having a ball
Have friends that call you on the telephone
You've got hopes
You've got dreams
You've really got it made
I used to feel the same until the day you went away

I don't know why I thought you'd be around
Looking back I see I really held you down
Thinking that I'd always have it all
I hate the way you're riding high
Then all at once you take the fall


Everyone is looking right at you
When you walk in you really steal the show
You're the one thing I should've held on to
But standing today I'm trying like hell to let you go


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