S - The waltz

It's really hard for me to hate you
It's so hard to beat you
You make me feel sad about making me feel bad about this
I can't believe myself this time
Does it make you feel better __
That I think about you sometimes
Do you forget what they did for you?
__ forget what they did to me
Realize it's _
Did you notice that you're passed out on the floor

and they're all alone
She's talking to me
I'm starting to cry
It's making you sick
You're all going home
You're leaving me now
I'm stuck here again
Just figure it out
It doesn't seem right
I'll do it again
You want me to go
And they've all gone home
You're freaking me out
This isn't a game
I didn't forget
You're breaking my heart

try and forget
I've been waiting for so long
I've been waiting for so long

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