Butch Walker - When Canyons Ruled the World

Laurel was a girl I knew,
made of dirt and stone
pretty hip in younger years,
now she sits alone
with a hundred thousand,
architectural disasters
that she calls homes

and beverly glen was pretty
all the rich boys loved her curves
she tried to get the credit sometimes
more than she deserved
like those cheesy 80's movies
epitomized in all things
we'd come to know

beachwood was a boheme
from the sexy 60's scene
grew up east of west hollywood
and somewhere in between
all the madness laurel puts up with , but
somehow always tolerates a scene

and nicols you know it had a way
with performing arts
a and r guys having cookouts
on hers back with super stars
but it had some nasty habits and some
pothouse to cover up this drama queen

sometimes beachwood yelled at laurel
on the terms of selling out
then laurel yelled at beverly
for not knowing what life's about
with her trust fund friends and family,
it felt an earthquake
when she'd shout

and silverlake just stood there
with her nose up in the air
pushing up her horn rimmed glasses saying,
i dont fucking care
bout the madsness all you idiots are buying,
selling, and leasing, up there

san fernando was a struggling actor
drove a deli truck to all the sets of porno
movies, he was just trying to make a buck
while his pilot was in escrow, he dreamed of
dating beverly one day

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