Missing joe - Candy

Well I see you when I'm driving on a Saturday night
You break down on the side of my road
I think about stopping but I know it ain't right
Sometimes I want to turn my head and go

sometimes the only thing I want to do is say hello
But I know that I shouldn't girl
Candy, why don't you know
You need to let me know

well I pull my car over and I roll the windows down
I ask you if you needed a ride
Well, you just shake your head
You're sick of this town
Sometimes I think we'll give it one more try

sometimes the only thing that I want to do is say good-bye
But I know that I shouldn't girl

(repeat chorus)

you're the automatic teller machine in a casino
You see me when I'm out of luck
You know just how to make me want you
When I had enough

(repeat chorus)

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