Feloni - No fear

(My dear, have no fear)

And my momma' said

(My dear, have no fear)

Love will keep you fed

(My dear, have no fear)

But don't you be mislead

(My dear, have no fear)

Don't you talk about it be about it

Fuck them haters, make 'em follow

Comin' up I stayed locked in my room

Tryin' to write about the shit that kept me confused

My momma' never had a good man in life

For all you moftherfuckers wantin' to know why I'm a dyke

All I saw was her shot and abused

Skin more colors than the rainbow's hues

At seven years I could think real deep

Like how to put a crazy nigga six feet deep

While you standin' there shocked and amused

Grab a pen, sucka'

Let me give you the news

The whole world is a stage to me

And the price that you pay

Is who you choose to be

If I get a mill' or don't get a dime

Like David Helfgot

Bitch, I'm still gone shine

And if GOD choose to put me through the fire

I hope he understand

I couldn't live as a liar

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