Mr. shadow - Money klip

Sicc Dogg
Street Life
This is for all my motherfucking ballers
Money clockers and them

Got my khakis all creased up
Me and my homies all sleeped up
Keep my pockets all greased up
Chips and the money clip all day
Hood banging through this rap shit to get paid

I'm all about money, rapping, and smoking weed up
And this family, believe we all sleaved up
Creep up like an army ready for war
We can smoke a whole crowd like crime, searching for more
Never enough, life is tough in the ghetto
Either you're balling or you're trying to get your case settled
Nothing petty, getting feri on the daily
Can't risk it for bullshit, I gotta feed my baby
Shady motherfuckers, I keep them at a distance
I got your heart pumping like a piston, listen
You got it twisted thinking I'm a broke man
A young stupid motherfucker with no plans
No brands, no loaded weapon in my hand
Taking shit from me? No chance
You slow dance with the devil
'cause I've worked too damn hard to get to this level

[Chorus x2]

If you don't have dough for Mr. Shadow
Then what you here for, there's the door, you gotta go
Responsible for every move like a chess game
Your next step gives or takes away your next aim
Fast pay is the way I live
Never had to clock in 219 to 56
When shit gets harder you gotta get stronger
They say we got a long life, homey make it longer
Watch who you talk to, money talks when it wants to
Makes the world spin like it has to
Don't let me catch you dipping in my cookie jar
I can tell who the G's and the rookies are
The way we ball is paranormal
Jotos envy us, they want photos
Can't see gangsters doing a ride
Want us working like a slave or doing some time
Fuck them all


Pit bossing, Sicc Dogging, clocking, stacking dollars
Back handing, smacking all you want to be shot callers
You ain't ballers you're stallers
But when you're ready to do big things go ahead and call us
Better involve us or else you're gonna face problems
Two feet away from you the shape of revolvers
And if you try to make moves I'ma hear of it
Too damn good at bossing, made a career of it
So stand clear of it, or get rushed with it
You talk about it motherfucker, I live it

[Chorus x2]

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