Conejo - Fallen angel

And he faces the death penalty
His attorneys say they can't comment on the defense before the trial
Which is perhaps a year away
But then they with undoubtable ask the jury to consider the boy behind the man
Retarded, reclusive, and victimized
Before they make their final decision for life, or for death

Give him the death penalty
And call me when they're ready 'cause I will be there

I'm a fallen angel, from the skies I've fallen
All the sins that I've committed so that I could be balling
Making feria so that my status be known
All the broads in the ghetto want to take me home
I'm a fallen angel, from the skies I've fallen
I came out the joint and the drogas were calling
Making feria so I could buy more guns
Lord please forgive me for the damage I've done

In a black Monte Carlo from Bristal to the Canyon
Tu sabes, I got this lowride dragging
All through the calles, the barrio's getting deeper
Conejo rolls tough, automatic street sweeper
Sound system, the motherfucker bumps
Ese hit switches on hydraulic pumps
You better duck, everyone spits metal
Ese fire back, you get hit primero
Bald head and ganga tacas all across my body
Little homey, big homey get shot at the party
They never had a chance, they were dead on arrival
My jefa always tells me that I'm living suicidal
Fuck that, I gotta get my issue
Rock bottom to the top, fuck a snitch and the cops
Low and slow, it gets critical
'cause vatos that want to rob me want to die, let's go


Twenty inch rims on this grey GMC
Got a bad ass bitch trying to get at me
'cause I told her I would fuck her at the homeboy's volo
In an evil six three, homey hit that corner
Keep an eye out, make sure it ain't funny
Youngster on the Schwin said these vatos were coming
So I grab the signal forty, my Smith and Wessum
Some high powered shit for the street these days
Sabor a mi is what she came for
'cause mija wanted pedo with this fucking jugador
I did my jale on a stormy night
On a Thursday night when I flew in from Texas
I shot to the pad in a poor white glass house
Got a page from some broads saying "Conejo, what's up?"
I taxed the frame till I made her cum
Now every single weekend wants to fuck after the club


There ain't no grave that holds my body down
So as long as I live I'll keep coming back like Jason
Chasing, the motherfucking dragon
Slaming, '64s and broads
Everybody got his own way, I got my own
Bitch ass vatos break in the panic zone
I thought that I told ya that I'm a soldier
Eternilty I'm locked, you get beat with a lock
And it's a fierce fucking battle that you await
And you can't penetrate the fucking gates
Elimination, ese beyond the street
Beyond the mystique of my fatal tecnique
And as I walk through the valley of the shadow of death
I will fear no evil, put a bullet through his chest
Understand me, I'm an angel that's fallen
Dope dealing killers is what we're all becoming



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