Angels of light - New york girls

New York Girls,
Scattered crimson pearls.
You touch me like you do,
You fall in love with fools.

I saw you in the night,
Your silver rings they shined.
The music was too loud,
I kneeled and kissed the crowd.

New York Girls,
The crimson liquid folds.
New York Girls,
Please give me what you hold...

I'm sorry that I failed,
I'm sorry for the past.
I'm sorry that I touched,
The place that you protected.

New York Girls,
I'll watch you from afar.
New York Girls,
I'll worship what you are.

New York Girls,
I'm happy that I saw,
New York Girls,
How cruel and pure you are.

New York Girls,
The scent of your incense,
New York Girls,
Is drifting through my head...

Run through the city,
Come to me.
Run through the forest,
Come back to me.
Run from fear, run from fear...
Come back, come back...

Don't do that...

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