The Grouch - Wish You a Good Day

I don't . . .
No I don't . . .
I don't . . .

I don't want to see you cry now
I wonder why you were pushed to the point
Where you felt you couldn't take no more
Look in my eyes now
I want to show you that I care
And I can't stand to see you hurting
I love the one you are
I'm not too far away
To help you if you when you need that
If you're my mom, my brother, my friend
My lover, my sister
I want to wish ya a good day
I want to wish ya a good day

[Verse One]
Since you were feelin' down and lonely
My crew is homey
Hit me up, man
How long have you known me
We strong in this life game
Fuck the right lane, get to movin'
Cruising at a speed
Where nobody can touch us
Show 'em that it's just us
We came for justice
So true they have to trust us
Fuck anyone who cussed us out
And thrust the doubt over this way
Know that dismay we caused was much
Aw, with such emotion we were 'posed to think
Close to the brink of genius
And you know I mean this
And we the cleanest, fuck what anybody say
And on any given day I want you laughin'
You don't need an aspirin
You don't need to cap him
You don't need to act in any situation
We face them head on
Stay headstrong
Until I'm dead and gone I'm here
And I don't want to see you worry or fear
About a moment that's near
Now do I make myself clear


[Verse Two]
I see the pain within your face love
And know the struggle it takes
To give yourself is often overwhelming
And though we share love
And I feel I know you well
I cannot guess what you do not tell me
Now we can sail the sea away today
I want you navigating close to me
That's how it's supposed to be
That's what I chose to see
But my peripheral vision
I'm living blind to the fact
That if I look a little closer
It's that detail he failed to recognize
I'm checking eyes and lips
Movements to soothe it
You say your cool
But think and don't lose it
I use that to build your trust
And in the end
It'll make me the man of all men
If you're my woman
That means we're double strong
Troubles long gone from my visions
I'm feeling how you're livin'
How you livin'


[Verse Three]
Now everything you do is for your kids
Mommy don't cry, you know I love you
You never give up, you always live
What way you say best and it is that
How can I give back all that I know you do
I want to show you to a life of no stress
At times I protest the things you say
But hey, you're always right at the end of the day
Begin with the way you taught me
And it got me this far, thus far I'm happy
I hope you are too
Put you through hard times
I know it scarred you
Must have imagined
You gave birth to an evil dragon
And it saddens me that I
Could have ever been the cause
For runnin' your teary eye


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