Papa reu - Now everybody wanna be down

[Papa Reu]
c'mon, you know it's been a long road
A long road to success, right
And a lot of people thought I was gone never make it
Well this is for you
And I know you might be helping my cjildren right now


Now everybody want to be down down with me
But you know it's to late (you know it's to late)
Back in the day when yo could of help me
You just use to fake (you just use to fake)
look, all the girls shout and scream when we stepping
out of planes (stepping out of planes)
They also let me in with top cerlibirties and it just
can't wait (it just can't wait)

[Papa Reu]
Well now I ring out the rope around the Hummer
Followed by the Benz and the Lex Bubble
When I started they say I had no fame
Now all the girly them calling me name
Now it's ten G's plus to come see me
Get the contract
FedEx straight to me
Cause the whole click gonna ride with me
They ride with me, you see
?? ..
?? ..
?? .. and me lyrics on track
?? .. and snap your neck back
?? .. front line
Billboard, BET, and Showtime
?? ..


[Papa Reu]
Look at the daimonds around my neck
X amount of dollars on my bank roll check
You want to come flex with me
Hang with me
Ride with me
Cause when I ride, I ride in lucury
And when I shop, I have big big money
And when I'm on the mic
I do to my best ablity
You don't see them
But you gone see me
50 karats on my dog chain
Million dollar house cross the lake man
Fediral agents after me
Saying that I longer in money
They gone say that
They gone say any way it go's
That's for you to be twisted
And fall for the oke-doke
They gone say that
?? ..
So keep yo head up
And be bout what you believe
To be a star
Keep ya dreams alive
Do all the right things to survive
Ya brain in part
Keep it in drive
Cause that's the only way, way to strive
Now chevk my bank acount
It's on top
Look at the Benzo
It's rimmed up
I keep striving to stay on top
With my mentality I'll never drop

Chorus: repeat 2X


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