Missing joe - Old saybrook

Any place is better than here
The garden's been dead for about a year
You've still got time to get out of here alive
So you'll save some money, but your uncle's car
Pack your bags and your black guitar
Like a kerouac book
You live it line by line

You used to dream of flying
But we don't dream no more
There's got to be a place for you
Beyond this grocery store

And I said
Hey, you're ready to go like a firecracker
Hey, you're knocking it down like a heart attack and
Hey, do you think of me when you start to crack
Hey, old saybrook's calling me
But I ain't never going back

You broke her heart for a girl named Beth
You tried to play it cool but you were scared to death
I guess the choice was yours, you're on your own
So you wrote some songs and you dressed in black
Took a year off of school, never went back
I guess we both know you left long ago
But I don't know

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