Sunset rubdown - Apollo and the buffalo and anna anna anna oh

The buffalo have given up on the world
And Apollo? Apollo is kissing all the valley girls
We climbed up the cross on the mountain on New Year's Eve
It was just god, the blizzard, the dream-weaver and me

My god I miss the way we used to be
Here's a photograph for you to hold
It's my picture right before I got old
It's a picture of a buffalo that we rode into extinction
That was the crime we committed in the night

Apollo, I heard your sister is equated with the moon
But I think your sister is just another run-around Sue
And where have you been, Erato?
Because it's been a long time
Since we sat around the willow tree fire
Where Anna played guitar and the rest of us fell in love
That was back before she changed her name
Will we ever find our way into Cassandra's gaze again?

Like the days before Anna changed her name?
Here's a photograph for you to hold
It's a picture of the prize, you hunter

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