Mac mall - Crack da 40

[Mac Mall talking]
Yeah man, cracking that forty
It's young Mac Mall
What up hoes

[Verse 1]
Crack the forty, and then I take a big swig
They play the beat, so you know I gots to get
I'm in the middle of the street getting cessed out
Because my cutties and my money's what it's all about
That forty ounce got me buzzed so I'm acting kind of funny
Reach into my pockets then I pull out some money
That I spend on the brew
Rush to the liquor store then go get burnt with my crew
I take the top off and poor some on the concrete
For my cutties that's in jail or deceased
I take a swig then I pass it to my partner
And I'm sipping on a forty got no time for a tall can
Because I need some of that real shit
And sixteen ounces just won't get me lit
See I'm a young nigga but I drink a forty quick
I don't drink cisco cause that shit make me sick
Instead, I'm sipping up on a forty-O
I'm feeling cool, so let me talk to a ho
And I ain't tripping even though I took a forty to the head
Breath cool, cause I'm chewing on some Big Red
Fuck talking, let's rush to the motel
Because the forty, dog, got my dick hard as steel
That's how it is when your hooked with the cess and me
Because my cutty, just love to crack the forty

That's right, that's right
Just love to crack the forty
Love to crack the forty

[Verse 2]
And at the shows, keep the forty in the stash box
Because you know, its guaranteed, to get the hoes hot
I take a swig before I get up on the microphone
I'm feeling kind of tipsy so I won't leave the hoes alone
They ruined this moment to pour my brew up on the sidewalk
I say 'Fuck naw' and a lot of shy talk
They want to chase me but I'm just too fast
But I'm black and white all those punk fools in the task
And I'm gone when I hit a bitch real quick
With the forty ounce still in my grip
And it's one cause I smoked ya peep
But you probably would have caught me
If you would've took a swig of the forty

The motherfucking forty

[Verse 3]
I sip on OE, St. Ides, or Magnum
Cause when it come to forty dog you know I got to have one
To start my day off right
But if I drink two it might keep me cool until the night, yeah
And then I gots to get real ripped
Crack the forty, take a sip cause you know I'm on that cess tip
Look at the bottle, man, it might hypnotize ya
True blue mack never drink Budweiser
Back in the days, a cutty of mine passed the brew
I took a little sip; it tasted kind of cool
But as I got older, the sips got much bigger
Now I'm a hard-ass, bad-ass young nigga
That's how it is, partner if you know me
Cause everybody in the motherfucking hood love to crack the forty

[Shout-outs and talking to fade]

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