Conejo - Status

Status and feria, I can't be stopped
Like a bunny rabbit, Conejo hops
I hop to the top as my one ton drops
All the babydolls are at my spot

Young little vato, just put in
Unfamiliar faces, sinister grins
Comrades, my new camaradas
Gangster ass vatos, gangster ass ranflas
Damn, homegirl's looking fine
Unfortunate for me they pay no mind
I knew that one day things would change
I heard the beep, I got a page
Same damn baby that didn't recall
Conejo, Tiny Locos, my placaso on the wall
No hay pedo, I caught her on the rebound
Coming at Conejo, ese now I catch compleco
Incredible how the tables turn
It's all about fecha these vatos learn
I caught you in the cross and now I got to go
My status elevates and my mind takes control

[Chorus x2]

Rucas from the valle at my door
Staring my down saying I look down
Firme, now who comes first
Checking out my tacas when I took off my shirt
Let's get to work, my status is stable
Anything you want, I put the drogas on the table
Scante, coca, what's it gonna be
You came to get high, or you came to get busy
I'm that same vato that you pay no mind
Now I got status and I'd rather go blind
I'd rather go blind or see nothing but feria
Status and feria, that's my loquera
Shot down a farga, down my name
I put that on the hache that I see my grave
But now I'm on top and I can't be stopped
Taking vatos out as my one ton drops

[Chorus x2]

Back when I was around homey
The situation was critical
That's right, we got Conejo up in this canton
Check it out
What we gonna do tonight
Don't worry about it
I got it under control

[Chorus x2]

You know what
This is how it's going down perro
Look for la area West Los


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