Papa no ongaku - ゴールデン街

3am, Golden Gai
I want to say goodbye
But I'm beckoned forth by the lights
Past the kids and the touts
Alive with secret doubts
But none wear it as well as I
It's a scene
Young lovers start to lean
Towards the doors and the steam
That masks a modern hell they'll find at their hotels
No one's asking, but I know it well

3am, Golden Gai. Communion with the gods
Saint Dazai would be proud
Lacking scope, lacking trust
My god they're just like us
Made of lies and minor lusts
Hid by a screen
A feint of history
Made great as it recedes
Cicadas in the trees are heard but can't be seen
A postwar literary dream

3am, Golden Gai
I wanna say goodbye
But I won't put up a fight
Make a spark, ignite my skin
Somebody let me in
Time's long since ceased to be a friend
Walk the line, writ long before our time
That spelled out yours and mine
Where you're prim, where you're touched
That boundary must be crushed
At least I'd like to think as much

3am, Golden Gai
I want to say goodbye


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