Christopher chacon - This is how it goes

Finally, I get a little time to work on music
You already know I ain't bout to abuse it
Let me paint a picture like Picasso
Saying things that ain't ever gonna get a bravo

I'm out here
Tryna to get this
Rappers tapping out
Tryna kill my doubts
Ima keep going
'Till they ask me for an encore
They gonn' want to pull the plug off
But I know how the song goes

Yo this is how it goes
Couple major goals
You don't even know
All the things that I wrote
I've been scratching out
Since a long time ago
I feel like the goat
Take note
Ima do more to get more
I've been sleeping less
But I'm okay
This is just another day
Tryna find another way
No time to rest
Until I'm six feet deep
Ima keep sowing 'till
I've got enough to reap

This is how it goes yo
This is how it goes

Used to pokes jokes
Yeah they used to make fun
I was all alone
Ain't nobody hit my phone
I took the time off
Working rhymes making songs
Man I told em all that they should've known
I've been on my zone
Reaping what I've sown
I've been staying home
Little did they know
I've been on a roll
Reaching all my goals
And I get to keep my soul

Keep all the gold and your Adderall
I mean like really
Been working much harder than all of them
It's hard to focus
That's why I'm so overwhelmed
I know they all think I gotta stay calm
I know they all want to hold off my tongue
They can all try and then feel how it burns
Mixing the verbs with the words
Kicking the curves and the hurls
Out on my grind and they know it's my time
They going try to shut me when I shine
Swear they ain't crossing the line
Swear that I'm staying applied
There's only one thing that's really been on my mind

This is how it goes yo
This is how it goes

Writers: Christopher Chacon

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