Mr. shadow - 61909

Yeah, what's up
1998 bout to set it straight
ODM, Mr. Shadow come on
Got Viscious up in here
Yeah, what's up I said make money money
Make money money money
Hey yo Shadow come through

[Mr. Shadow]
I'm about to make you bounce Mr. Shadows' in the house
I don't care about the fame making money's all that counts
Headed south now you know there's a party goin on
ODM got's those bottles of those Don Perron

It's a mexican thing that we bring to your city
619 909 homies tell me 'Are you with Me'
Bumping Lake Side with the Brown Bride through these city streets
With phat ass rides and homies coming with that heat
From undearneth, I got that DP with a twist lime in
Throw on an instramental start rhymin
I'm climbing to the level 80 proven toxication
I'm so fucked up Shadow tell what they're facing

[Mr. Shadow]
A gang of shows
A gang of hoes
When I step in through the door
Everybody knows that I becoming with my flows
I'm the one that is known for my sickness
Going down my hitless, now tell me if you're with this

[Mr. Shadow/ODM]
Now everybody raise up
Who you be what you claim
619 909 staying true to this game
Mr. Shadow ODM coming through with the sickness
Clock a grip load a clip cause I trip with a quickness

Now ODM will make you bounce like Skate in the 98
He won't hesitate to make the scrilla before it's to late
Us fools got to stick together quit hittin on the next man
Get a plan and flip the next grand
And watch me clown cause my shit is straight legit
7 years in this bitch and still bangin out those hits
And it don't quit and it don't stop, til my album drops
Now I'm that fool that brought mexicans to hip hop
I brought the pattern of browns and introduced the new sounds
And now I'm down to put it down for the underground
A young playa with the hit one time
Shadow let that nine shine if they find time to step out of line
And I ain't servin no manners, just provin I'm the baddest
And what we do is creeping through the night
Like the devils get at us and if you think you got that bomb shit
You're fuckin with the wrong cliq 619909 fools be on


[Mr. Shadow]
I thought you knew that I was staying true to the scene
Blowin up bustin raps nation wide here people scream and clap
It's that bald headed fool ain't no room for the drama
It's all about the show state to states makin dollars
I gonna drop it like gernades, rock the spot like if I was from Bed Rock
Dependin on my rhymes cause my life depends on hip hip
And it don't stop til I come up, on a grip like Billy Gates
Mr. Shadow and ODM at the gates for 98
Straight swiggin on that bottle of the don huh
We carry on to the limit and beyond huh
We just some young mothafuckas staken paper like the tribune
Now why would you want to get sick if you know I'm always with you
Make you panic like your nena when I'm coming
Like daffy got you duckin, like the law I got you runnin
And now you know I'm the man with the plan
Let me hear you yell my name, 619 909 stayin true to the game


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