Craig cardiff - Brandon from ithica

The bus stopped in Brandon, miles from Ithaca
At the coffee shop to pour the people out
To drink all the coffee and read through the papers
About the famous coming don

The couple two rows up to the left didn't move
As I passed they just lay sleeping in
To one another like the way birds cluster all together
When facing wind

She was like a camera he a 'B' film
Both pretty faced but hard
From smoking too much and waiting too long
And from all the things that life does to break your heart
I told you so don't say I didn't tell you so

I listened to them all the way westbound
Under gold blankets and blue fields
With our Sally-Ann jackets, and their pillows and backpacks
She turned into him like a shield

From the stories of Santa Claus drunk stuck in the chimney
And the deer they lost making them fly
And how BB King rode the bus to his gig 'cause he was broke
And how sometimes it's okay to cry and

I swear it rains there all the time she says
First thing we'll take a room to keep dry
Oh, we'll find a bed and put us in it
But it'll feel like home in no time

What if there's not much more than this
I'd like to share it with you
Say, with your hundred dollars and my hundred dollars I'm sure
Sure, sure that we'll pull through
I told you so
Don't say I didn't tell you so

I told you so

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